Sure, everything’s up for an ol’ fashion’n’fun controversy. Still, seems reasonable to say that, regardless of your core experience or expertise, be it scoundrel or scholar, you are known by the company you keep.

In technology, when you need to stand apart from your competitors, you are what you know.

Your people are your business

I can help you bring in the right people for the right position, in the right time and for the right cost, enabling the right uplift in capacity and capability, and I can help you craft target operating models to streamline or scale, as I helped private and public companies, spanning 3 continents, since 2015.

My trade? Research. Systematic investigation. Or plain ol’ stalking. I practice through my Search Solution, and I teach through my Search Seminar.

I am grateful for being Europe (public scholarship for Universität Wien in ’08) and US (private scholarship for Pepperdine University in ’10) educated, for 10 years of international hands-on headhunting and organisational design for public and private companies across Europe, Middle East and Africa, and for founding more than a couple of ICT headhunters’ meetup series.

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